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– Vera Nazarian

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Product Summery


Read & Think Spanish is an engaging and non-intimidating approach to language learning. A dynamic, at-home language immersion, Read & Think Spanish is intended to increase Spanish fluency while teaching  you about life and culture in Spanish-speaking countries.
This language learning tool is designed to build on and expand your confidence with Spanish, presenting vocabulary and phrases in meaningful and motivating content emphasizing all four language skills: reading,  writing, speaking, and understanding the spoken language.
Read & Think Spanish brings the Spanish language to life! Our diverse team of international writers is excited about sharing their language and culture with you.Read a travel narrative from Spain and a  ocumentary on Colombian folk music.Explore the geography of the Amazon and the jungles of Costa Rica. And don’t forget, while you are enjoying these intriguing articles, you are learning Spanish.
Read & Think Spanish is used by educators and students of all ages to increase Spanish fluency naturally and effectively. Using this as a complement to classroom study or as a self-study guide, you will actively  build grammar and develop vocabulary.
The cultural information provided in each chapter creates a deeper understanding of the traditions and cultures in Spanish-speaking countries and in turn fosters greater interest and success with learning Spanish.  Each article is accompanied by a bilingual glossary. You can read and learn without stopping to look up words in a dictionary or phrase book.
Read & Think Spanish accommodates a range of skill sets from beginning to advanced:

Beginning: We recommend that the student have the equivalent of one semester of college-or high-school-level Spanish. Your previous experience with Spanish may have been through studies at a private or  public school, self-study programs, or immersion programs. Read & Think Spanish will allow you to immerse yourself in the language and the culture, and your understanding of sentence structure and use of verbs  will be reinforced.

ntermediate: As an intermediate student, you will learn new vocabulary and phrases. You will notice increased fluency and comprehension. You will also learn nuances about the language and the culture as you  experience the authentic writing styles of authors from different countries.
Advanced: The advanced student will continue to gain valuable information,as language acquisition is a lifelong endeavor. The diverse topics from a team of international writers offer you the opportunity to learn  new vocabulary and gain new insight into the language and the people.
Whatever your current skill level, Read & Think Spanish is an effective, fun, and accessible way to learn Spanish. Experience the enthusiasm that comes with learning a new language and discovering a new  culture. Read, speak, enjoy think Spanish!

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