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Language Hacking Spanish Learn How to Speak Spanish Book

Language Hacking Spanish Learn How to Speak Spanish Book

Product Summery

How to use this course


The most common complaint I hear from language learners is:
‘I studied Spanish for years in school. I can understand a few words
when I see them, and even sometimes when I hear them, but I still can’t

speak the language.’

#LanguageHacking isn’t like traditional courses. It’s a conversation course, which means you will focus on building the language skills you need to have  meaningful, real-life conversations with other people in Spanish – right away.
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to introduce yourself and ask and answer hundreds of typical questions in Spanish. You’ll know how to find and  connect with other Spanish speakers no matter where you live. And you will gain the skills and strategies to have countless conversations entirely in  Spanish – as well as the confidence to keep them going.
#LanguageHacking can be used either on its own or alongside any other language course whether written, online, or in the classroom. Just grab your  notebook and get started!

What You’ll Find Inside

This course will challenge you to speak from day one by completing ten missions which will grow your conversational abilities in Spanish. To keep that promise, I invite you to become a part of the language-hacking community, built  with this course in mind, that gives you a safe and fun place to communicate with other likeminded and determined learners. You can complete the missions on your own, but you’ll progress much faster if you use the language with  real people, so I encourage you to submit your missions to the #LanguageHacking online community for feedback (and secret mini-missions!)

Speaking from day 1

You can’t learn to play the piano until you sit down and put your fingers on the keys. You can’t play tennis until you pick up the racquet. And you can’t learn a language if you don’t speak it. By speaking from day one, you will: 
 pick up expressions and language from others
 notice the expression gaps in your language you need to fill
 become aware of how other people say things
 get feedback from others
 improve your pronunciation and fluency
 conquer the fear of speaking a new language
 feel motivated by hearing your own progress

Build Your Language Skills
Build language through typical conversations
Each unit takes you through three conversations in Spanish that show you how the language is used in common, everyday contexts. The conversations build on each other to grow your vocabulary and prepare you for your mission. Treat each conversation like a lesson, and make sure you understand everything before you move on to the next conversation.

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