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Cambridge Primary English Learner's Book4 public 2(Sally Burt and Debbie Ridgard)

Cambridge Primary English Learner's Book4 public 2(Sally Burt and Debbie Ridgard)

Product Summery

Welcome to the Cambridge Primary English Series, 

This Learner’s Book will take you through Stage 4 of the Cambridge Primary curriculum.It contains nine units of lessons and activities to develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. This book covers  all the skills you need to develop in Stage 4!
Three units focus on fiction, three on non-fction and three on poetry and plays. Each unit has a theme covering a variety of topics so that there’s something for everyone. You’ll enjoy texts and extracts from a range  of stories, legends, fables, accounts, recounts,biographies, autobiographies, diaries, journals and different types of poems. They have been carefully selected to re" ect as many different interests as  possible. The texts will teach you about language and allow you to communicate and express yourself in different ways.
Sometimes, your teacher will lead a discussion or explain the activity; sometimes you’ll work in small groups or with a talk partner;at other times, you’ll work alone. Some activities need you to listen for specific information while other activities ask you to read aloud or perform a role play.
These icons will show you how you’re going to work:
have a discussion
do some reading
do some writing
role play, read out loud or do an
oral activity
do a spelling activity
The activities are designed to develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and to explore, investigate, understand,use and develop your knowledge of Englis

On pages 140 to 145 you’ll ! nd interesting and enjoyable spelling rules and activities to practise and expand your knowledge of spelling. You can go there whenever you like to check your own spelling skills or to  learn more about common spelling patterns and letter strings.
On pages 146 to 153 you’ll ! nd a Toolkit – a set of resources for you to use at any time. These include tools and tips such as an editing checklist,a self-evaluation tool for reading aloud and a list of group work  rules.
We hope you enjoy the course and that it helps you feel con! dent about responding to English,and using English in a variety of ways.

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