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Whenever you read a good book,

somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

– Vera Nazarian

Books are a uniquely portable magic

– Stephen King

Cambridge Primary English(Sally Burt & Debbie Ridgard)

Cambridge Primary English(Sally Burt & Debbie Ridgard)

Product Summery

Welcome to Stage 5 of Cambridge Primary English. Language is your route to a world of knowledge, fun and communication. Language helps you grow and learn, and connects you to every area of life. 
We have included exciting fiction texts covering timeless tales and fables from all over the world. We have also included fascinating non-fiction texts that will take you to space and back, and show you how things  work.
You will read and produce all kinds of stories, plays, poetry, articles, advertisements,biographies, experiments, film reviews, letters and more, learning to be creative,descriptive, factual and persuasive.
You will do interesting activities in a variety of ways – on your own, in pairs and in groups – to practise reading, writing, speaking and listening for different audiences and in different contexts.
We have included something for everyone:
Are you good at presenting or interviewing?
Do you like to research a topic or do you prefer reading fantasy?
Do you enjoy writing poems or biographies?
How do you feel about performing?
Are you better at reading aloud?
This book has all the tools you need to succeed and is full of opportunities for things that interest you and things you enjoy or want to learn to do better. There is also time for reflection, review and feedback so you  can understand how to improve.
The book contains a handy toolkit at the end so you can remind yourself of essential language tips and tricks. It also has some spelling practice, showing that spelling can be fun as well as challenging.
We hope you enjoy your journey to language success.

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