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How to Write First-Class Letters The Handbook for Practical Letter Writing

How to Write First-Class Letters The Handbook for Practical Letter Writing

Product Summery

How to Write First-Class Letters is designed to provide quick answers to your questions about writing effective letters. You simply find the chapter that covers what you need to knowthere's no need to search through the entire book to find  what you want. In an informal, direct style, this book shows you how to compose a letter that communicates rather than merely informs. You will learn how to put your feelings, concerns, and needs into clear, effective words whether writing to  friends, elected officials, businesses, or others. Model letters provide examples that you can adapt to your own circumstances.

How to Write Great Letters
Part One of the book focuses on how to start a letter, organize it,and produce it in final form.
Chapter 1: It's Easier Than You Think presents the four questions that every letter must answer. Once you learn this simple technique you will always know how to start writing. The chapter also covers how to use tone, simplicity, and clarity to  get your message across. The last section provides guidelines on when not to send a letter. Chapter 2: Writing and Organizing Your Letters shows you how to break down any letter-writing process into three steps: pre-writing, writing, and  revising. Simple letter formulas help you organize your message so that the recipient understands why you are writing and what you want.
Chapter 3: Producing Your Letters provides guidelines on correct format and giving your message the best appearance.
Chapter 4: How To Address Just About Anyone shows you the correct forms of address for social titles; company, government, and court officials; diplomatic representatives; college and university officials; and religious and military orders.