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Grammar One. Teachers Book

Grammar One. Teachers Book

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This book is a guide for teachers to Grammar One by Jennifer Seidl. It was written in consultation with her and is intended to help teachers make the best use of the student's book.
Grammar One is the first in a series of four grammar books designed to make grammar clear, interesting and easy to understand for young learners. All the books in the series follow basic coursebook syllabuses and are designed to be used alongside normal course work. The books can be worked through systematically or individual chapters can be selected in any order and used as-needed. Grammar One can be used by pre-teenagers and young teenagers in their first or second year of English language study. It has a communicative, activity-based approach to the learning of grammatical structures. One of the main features of the book is its variety and flexibility. It contains oral and written exercises as well as pairwork, classwork and individual work which can be used as the teacher sees fit.
Most of the material in the book revolves around the activities of an English family called the Bells, their friends, and an alien creature called Trig (from the planet Triglon). Trig is learning English. Trig's role in the book might be a comic one but its function is very serious. His struggles, frustrations and triumphs are a mirror of the pupils' own experience. Thus by becoming a figure of fun while learning English, Trig facilitates the learning process. The rest of the family functions as a reassuring, continuous presence, in particular the younger characters, Jenny and Nick, who are a similar age to the pupils.

Chapter structure of Grammar One
Each chapter of Grammar One contains the same elements, so that pupils will readily become familiar and comfortable with the book. Each chapter can take from twenty to forty-five minutes to complete, depending on how many of the optional activities and approaches the teacher decides to include.
Presentation At the beginning of the chapter is a presentation section featuring an illustration and text (usually a dialogue) involving the characters. The presentation always introduces the grammar in context and some of the vocabulary.
Grammar lesson The grammar lesson can be used by the teacher as a simplified guide to the structures covered. It often contains verb tables, general rules, examples and specific teaching points. The teacher need only direct pupils' attention to the grammar lesson if it fits into his or her own teaching plans and techniques.
Exercises The exercises in this book have been designed so that they can be adapted to the needs of the individual teacher. Most exercises can be used in a number of ways: for write-in, oral, communicative, creative or activity based work. A great deal of care has been taken to make the exercise material relevant to the pupils' lives and interests.