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– Vera Nazarian

Books are a uniquely portable magic

– Stephen King

Get Ready 2 Handwriting book

Get Ready 2 Handwriting book

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How to use this book

1 Before asking pupils to write a new letter, demonstrate it on the blackboard. Always use a grid with a baseline and three guidelines. Describe to the pupils in their mother tongue exactly what you are doing as you write.

2 Next half-turn your back to the class, almost as if you were going to write on the blackboard, and trace the letter in the air with your finger. Get the class to do it with you as you describe the hand movement.

3 If you are teaching a new letter, the pupils can now use their finger to trace the large solid black letter in the book (headed Look). This should be done as a class, with the teacher describing the hand movement. The dots show where each hand movement begins and the arrows show the directions to go in. Small numbers show the order in which the hand movements should be done. If there are no small numbers, the letter should be written with one hand movement.

4 Pupils are now ready to practise tracing in their Handwriting Books, using a pencil or pen. They trace over the grey lines, starting from the black dot. The third line of practice in each step gives the pupils a chance to copy the line of tracing above. The dots show pupils where to start each letter.

5 Encourage pupils to work slowly and to think about their hand movements. Go round the class helping. Be positive at all times. If necessary, demonstrate again.