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English File Upper-intermediate Students Book with iTutor

English File Upper-intermediate Students Book with iTutor

Product Summery

Prologue to English Document Upper-Transitional Understudy's Book with iTutor

English Document Upper-Transitional Understudy's Book with iTutor is an extensive language learning asset customized for understudies at the upper-halfway level. Consolidating an understudy accommodating reading material with intelligent computerized parts, this course offers a dynamic and vivid opportunity for growth.

Exhaustive Substance

The Understudy's Book covers an extensive variety of language abilities, including perusing, composing, tuning in, and talking, taking special care of the different necessities of upper-middle students. With drawing in themes and credible materials, like articles, meetings, and discoursed, understudies are presented to genuine language in setting, improving both their semantic capability and social comprehension.

Organized Learning Way

Organized into units, each with an unmistakable learning level headed, English Record Upper-Middle of the road guides understudies through a gradual learning way. From uniting language designs to growing jargon and refining correspondence techniques, the course efficiently expands upon past information, guaranteeing consistent advancement and ability improvement.

Intelligent iTutor Part

The consideration of iTutor supplements the Understudy's Book by giving intuitive sight and sound assets and extra practice exercises. With admittance to video instructional exercises, sound accounts, intelligent activities, and self-appraisal devices, understudies can build up their advancing autonomously and at their own speed. The iTutor stage improves commitment and offers an adaptable growth opportunity custom fitted to individual inclinations.

Credible Language Practice

English Document Upper-Transitional stresses genuine language practice through various open exercises and errands. From pretends and conversations to cooperative ventures and introductions, understudies are urged to draw in with the language in significant settings effectively. This open methodology cultivates familiarity, certainty, and viable relational abilities.

Test Readiness Backing

Perceiving the significance of test groundwork for some upper-middle of the road understudies, English Document offers designated help for normalized English capability tests. The Understudy's Book incorporates test centered activities, techniques, and tips, getting ready understudies for outcome in globally perceived tests like the Cambridge English tests.


All in all, English Record Upper-Halfway Understudy's Book with iTutor offers a complete and successful language learning answer for upper-moderate understudies. With its complete substance, organized learning way, intuitive iTutor part, bona fide language practice, and test arrangement support, this course furnishes understudies with the abilities and certainty to flourish in both scholar and genuine language settings.