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somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

– Vera Nazarian

Books are a uniquely portable magic

– Stephen King

How to Build a Better Vocabulary

How to Build a Better Vocabulary

Product Summery

WHY another book on vocabulary?
For two reasons.
First, because most books on the subject are solemn affairs. As if improving and enriching your knowledge of words were a grim business! We don't believe it. We believe that learning more words  and more about words can and must be a pleas- urable activity. In fact, when it comes to learning of any kind, we're all for the old childhood rhyme:

What's learned with pleasure Is learned full measure.

Authors' Preface That's where this book comes in. We have designed it for your enjoyment. We have tried to make it chatty and informal,readable, and entertaining. We have not hesitated to  include anecdotes, puns, rhymes, cartoons, and even fillers wherever they belong and whenever they can help.
Second, because we want to give you a method of building a bigger and better vocabulary solidly and securely. Our chief purpose, therefore, has been to help you acquire a permanent interest  in words. We think this is a better way than the hit- and-run method of memorizing lists of unconnected words. We ask you to stay with the words and make them permanently yours.

That's our purpose. Now, what's yours? You are reading this because you want to improve and enrich your vocabulary. You may consider the effective use of words a business and social asset.  You may desire to improve your reading, writing, and speaking vocabulary. You may want to keep up with your friends who know more words than you do. You may have a scholarly interest in  words as a branch of knowledge worth cultivating. For these reasons, you may also find it extremely necessary to take note of the changing meanings of old words and keep up with the  formation of the new words that are becoming a part of our language in great numbers at a rapid pace. Finally, you may have the more practical purpose of wanting to get a high rating on civil  service, scholarship. College Board, professional, or any other examinations in which a knowledge of vocabulary has become increasingly important. Whatever your purpose, we think you will  find what you want in this book. We can show you how to acquire the words;the rest is up to you.

And—oh, yes—if, after reading this book, you should happen to marry the boss's daughter, it won't be because of your increased vocabulary. The only words you'll need for that are: "I love you."  They still do the trick.

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