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– Vera Nazarian

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– Stephen King

English Vocabulary Made Easy the complete vocabulary build up for improving English

English Vocabulary Made Easy the complete vocabulary build up for improving English

Product Summery


English Vocabulary made Easy' is a book designed for those who want to enrich their vocabulary; increase their self-awareness in speaking and writing the English language. Correct spelling is  fast eroding because of the SMS and Internet language; and to learn the meaning in contextual fashion in a different and effective way without actually reading the meaning or consulting a dictionary.
In 'English Vocabulary made Easy', the words have been presented in various contexts and in many ways. A number of aspects of learning words have been discussed in detail to help the  readers accumulate words, build a strong vocabulary and learn the exact and appropriate use of words for an apt and fluent expression of the language.
How words are formed and how do the words grow? All have been shown by examples. Special attention has been paid for developing the inner sense of words and control over spellings.
After going through the English Vocabulary made Easy, readers will feel elated at their progress, and have a clear understanding about the usage of words which will enhance their vision and  confidence. The readers will become actively receptive to new words. It is the confidence that counts and the concentration that pays high dividends. English Vocabulary made Easy will give both the confidence and concentration.
The book has been aimed to serve both who feel at home in English and those who are alien to the language. It will easily remove some of the inherent psychological difficulties. Those who are  afraid of writing, because of lack of exact words and expressions, will feel an inner urge to write as they learn the exact words for describing different things rather than whatever they wish to  describe.
For the sake of saving time, there are people who have invented a special language for SMS, Internet, etc, although they know it well that ‘Time saved is time spent.’ Its popularity has ruined  their knowledge of ‘spelling'. When they are employed and are forced to prepare projects by sending reports to their Bosses, they feel shy. This book will shake off that fear and shyness forever.

English Vocabulary made Easy has all the features valuable for the presentday readers who have to communicate something related to the highly untraditional and unfamiliar equipments and  the ideas. This will definitely enrich their vocabulary. It will widen their views and attitude; broaden their ideas and their usage of English language making it more appropriate and expressive.  Now, it is in your hands to enjoy, utilise and grow enhancing your knowledge with the proper usage of the book. The more you read, the more you can learn to add the different types of words  and their usage in your own vocabulary, and this will open new horizons in the form of new and innovative ideas and set a goal for you to find several new words everyday.

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