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– Vera Nazarian

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– Stephen King



Product Summery

Your boss has about three times as large a vocabulary as you have. That's one good reason why he's your boss.
The authors of "30 Days to a More Pow erful Vocabulary" show how the leaders of the world in every field are masters of words. And they prove that one of the quickest and easiest ways to get whatever you want most in life is through increasing your vocabulary.
Dr. Funk and Mr. Lewis do not treat words as literary instruments. They show you that they are the necessary tools of your thought. You can't even think without them. Therefore, the more words you have at your command, the more effectively you can think, the better you can influence others.
This powerful volume gives you simple and workable exercises in vocabulary building that are fun to do. It makes the learning of new words an exciting game. Within the space of 30 days you will add more new and usable words to your vocabulary than the average adult will acquire in 25 years.
This volume is compact, authoritative, practical. It shows you how you can im prove your vocabulary by studying the bill posters, the car cards in the subways or busses; or while you are listening to the radio, seeing the movies, or reading your sports column. This book is designed to help everyone: the college graduate, the educated or uneducated, young or old. As you read it you are also gaining ground in pronunciation, word histories, and parts of speech, without realizing it. You will find scores of tests, a whole section that will make a parlor game for your friends.
Give only 15 to 30 minutes a day to this new book for a period of one month, and you will discover that it will work an almost miraculous change in your career.

Seldom, if ever, has a more competent team of experts joined resources and tal- ents in the production of a book on words.
Wilfred Funk is noted as a lexicographer and a doctor of letters. For more than thirty years he was associated with the publication of encyclopedias and standard dictionaries through his connection with Funk & Wagnalls Company of which he was president for sixteen years. That asso- ciation and an intense and lifelong interest in words and the tremendous part they play in everyday life, combine to form the background which he brings to this collabo- ration. A scholar who refuses to belong to the dry-as-dust school, Dr. Funk believes that a book of this type, to be worthwhile. must not only be authoritative and helpful but extremely interesting and entertaining. This, by the way, is his eighth book, the earlier works ranging from light verse to a fascinating and amusing volume called "So You Think It's New." Critics have said his style is "ás fresh as the day after tomor row," that he has "the champagne touch." His collaborator, Norman Lewis, has been a writer on words for years. He regularly conducts a word department in the no- tional monthly magazine, "Your Life," and his word sketches have appeared in "Ladies' Home Journal," "This Week," "Better Eng- lish," and many other publications. In addi- tion, Mr. Lewis has had an intimate and practical experience in teaching English and currently conducts regular word study courses throughout a wide territory in New York State. He is the author of "Vocab ulary and Spelling." a series of textbooks for schools.
Their collaboration proves that when two such experts get together on a book like this, the reader profits immensely.

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