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– Vera Nazarian

Books are a uniquely portable magic

– Stephen King

Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success Students 4

Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success Students 4

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The After-School Garden
Danica was excited. The school auditorium was packed full of people. Students and teachers sat in rows facing the stage. The principal, Mrs. Yee, introduced the speaker. Mr. Williams spoke in  a friendly manner to the students. He said that students would grow vegetables on the school property. It was a piece of land next to the playground. The gardeners would gain knowledge about how to take care of plants.
This was a great opportunity for students to enjoy themselves, learn about plants, and grow some delicious, fresh vegetables to bring home. The quality would be very high.
Danica went home to her family’s apartment in the building on Worth Street. She had an agreement for her parents to sign. This piece of paper said they would let Danica work on the garden  after school. They were happy to sign the agreement.Signing it wasn’t an issue, or hard decision, for them.
Seeing all the students outside on their knees in the garden was a spectacle to behold—a truly remarkable sight! They worked with great care, planting tomatoes, beans, carrots, squash, and  lettuce in neat rows. The teachers watched the students’ careful movements as they tried not to step on any of the new plants just coming up. 
The students soon learned that the basis of gardening is to keep plants healthy. Gardeners water plants, keep them free of bugs, and keep away animals that might eat them.
When the vegetables ripened, they were in great condition. The kids had more than enough to take home. They set up a stand at the local fire station to sell the extra vegetables.