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Whenever you read a good book,

somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

– Vera Nazarian

Books are a uniquely portable magic

– Stephen King

Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success Students 6

Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success Students 6

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The Trial

The attorney for the defense stood before the jury. The courtroom was hushed. The judge leaned forward, waiting for the gray-suited young lawyer to speak. 
“Ladies and gentlemen,” he began, “Ms. Bolton has been accused of driving without a license. The fact is, she has a driver’s license, which permits her to drive a car. She merely left it home on  the day a police officer stopped her. Because of this small mistake, she has been put through a terrible ordeal, including a police investigation with the police searching for the facts.”
“If this trial results in a conviction and Ms. Bolton loses her license, she will be unable to continue the business enterprise she recently started: a driving service for the disabled. Would that be justice? Would it be fair to anyone? No, it would be a truly sad circumstance, a truly unfortunate state of affairs. Ms. Bolton is a careful driver who is mindful of the occupants in her car. These people, as well as Ms. Bolton, would be hurt by this decision.
“Driving is a privilege, not a right. Not everyone deserves it.People who misuse a privilege should have it taken from them. Ms. Bolton has not misused this privilege.
“Justice is not about popularity. If you don’t like me because I have been loud in my objections during this trial, don’t take it out on Ms. Bolton. She is a good citizen whose business is just on the threshold of success. She is on the brink of making her enterprise pay off. When you go into the jury room for your conference at the end of this court session, please vote not guilty.”