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Business English Vocabulary Builder

Business English Vocabulary Builder

Product Summery


Welcome to The Business English Vocabulary Builder.

Business idioms in English can be a confusing and intimidating territory even to the best language student, which is why a concise dictionary such as this one is such a useful and beneficial acquisition. Whenever you  hear an unfamiliar phrase, you can check its definition within these pages, and reinforce the knowledge in your mind for the next time it pops up in conversation.
Within this book you’ll find hundreds of new ways to express yourself in every business situation that you can imagine! While some of the idioms in this book can be applied outside of a business context too, ALL of them can be used to improve your fluency and  understanding when at work, and in other professional settings.
English is a rich and versatile language – we’ve provided at least one example for each idiom, but we recommend that you practice using them by forming your own examples and testing them in real conversations. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes in spoken English –  that’s how we learn!
Nothing improves communication more than actually communicating, and this book will help you to become more comfortable and fluent in native and natural English-speaking situations, both inside and outside of the boardroom. Your confidence will build, leading you to  feel more at ease and less overwhelmed.
As you use this book, you’ll notice some phrases highlighted in bold throughout the explanations on each page. These are other idioms and useful phrases for a business environment. If the meaning of the phrase is unclear, then you will be able to check its definition in  the appropriate place in the book. We have alphabetized the whole book – over two hundred idioms in total! This makes it easier for you to find the right place when looking for a specific meaning.
Idioms, phrasal verbs, and other English terms and phrases are often described as being the most difficult aspect of the language to grasp. With this book, we’ve swapped difficulty with interesting facts! Where possible,we’ve tried to give you some linguistic knowledge on  the roots of the idioms and phrases discussed. Sometimes, understanding something at a deeper level can help with knowledge retention.

Some tips before you get started:

Use each new phrase as soon as possible – practice makes
Keep this book in your bag – you’ll want it close at hand in times
of need!
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – you’re on a learning curve!

So, what are you waiting for?
Delve into the interesting world of English phrases that don’t mean what they seem and become the fluent language student that you were born to be!

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