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DaF kompakt neu A2 [Kursbuch] Kurs- und Übungsb..

DaF kompakt neu A2 [Kursbuch] Kurs- und Übungsb..

Product Summery

Do you want to study or work in Germany, Austria, the German-speaking part of Switzerland, or Liechtenstein? Do you want to get to know the educational and professional world there and quickly reach level B1? Then DaF kompakt neu is the right textbook for you.

DaF kompakt neu closely follows the Can-Do descriptions of the Common European Framework of Reference for levels A1-B1 and quickly and purposefully leads to the Goethe/ÖSD B1 certificate. It is especially suitable for learners who have already studied another foreign language in school or university or who already have prior knowledge.

Structure The thorough processing expands on the proven concept of DaF kompakt: In 30 lessons, you will find the learning material from A1 to B1 in a concentrated form, distributed over three double pages of content and another double page with an overview of the key vocabulary, important expressions, and the grammar covered in the respective lesson.

The increasing demands of the Common European Framework of Reference from level to level are reflected in the varying lengths of the individual parts: the A1 volume comprises 8 lessons, the A2 volume 10 lessons, and the B1 volume 12 lessons.

Course Book Each lesson in the course book includes a lesson story from an academic or professional context and shows contexts in which you, as students or career starters, might find yourself. As learners, you are placed in a relevant situation from the start and continuously build up vocabulary that is central to you. This situation-oriented approach ensures that the language actions meet your real communicative needs and optimally prepare you for your studies or working life in a German-speaking country. You are also repeatedly encouraged to make cultural comparisons.

To clearly identify the learning objectives associated with each lesson story, the learning objectives of each double page are listed in an orientation bar at the top right.

The grammar topics in DaF kompakt neu arise from the context of the themes, texts, and language actions; thus, the grammar is aligned with the learning objectives. In the course book, the respective grammar phenomena are presented in such a way that you can independently work out the rules for meaning, form, and function in a targeted and compact form.

Exercise Book The exercise book complements the course book and provides the opportunity to deepen what has been learned in class through self-study. It follows the double-page principle of the course book and supports the targeted development of all skills from the beginning. As a conclusion and supplement to each lesson, it offers learning and working strategies for reading and listening comprehension, text production, vocabulary expansion, opportunities for language reflection, and suggestions for suitable projects beyond the material in the course book under the "discover more" section.

The connection between the exercise book and the course book is clarified by clear references in the course book, such as a reference to exercise 1 in part A of the respective lesson in the exercise book. Each exercise book lesson concludes with a comprehensive phonetics training program.

In the appendix of the exercise book, you will find a model test for the Goethe-Zertifikat A2.

MP3-CD The course book includes an MP3-CD with all the audio texts that appear in both the course and exercise books. The appropriate track number is consistently indicated for the audio texts.

The authors and the publisher wish you much fun and success in learning German and immersing yourself in the university and professional world of German-speaking countries with DaF kompakt neu!

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