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American English Teachers Book 3

American English Teachers Book 3

Product Summery

American EnBlish File Second Edition is an integrated skills series that gees students talking -in class, and everywhere. Our goal with this Second Edition has been to make every lesson better  and more student- and teacher-friendly. We've created a blend of completely new lessons, updated texts and activities, and refreshed and fine-tuned some favorite lessons from New English File. In addition to Student Book Lessons A and B, there is a range of material that you can use according to your students' needs and the time and resources you have available:

• Practical English video and exercises (also available on the audio CD, class DVD for home-study)

• Review and Check pages, with video (also available on the audio CD and class DVD for home-study)

• Photocopiable Grammar, Vocabulary, Communicative,and Song activities (in the Teacher's Book).

What do Intermediate students need?
The intermediate level is often a milestone for students: at this point, many students really begin to "take off" in terms of their ability to communicate. Some students, however, may see the  intermediate level as a "plateau" and feel that they are no longer making the progress they were before. Students at this level need fresh challenges to help them to realize how much they know  and to make their passive knowledge active, together with a steady input of new language.

Vocabulary Intermediate students need

• systematic expansion of topic-based lexical areas.

• to "build" new words by adding prefixes and suffixes.

• practice in pronouncing new Lexis correctly.

• to put new vocabulary into practice.

Every lesson in American English File has a clear lexical aim. Many lessons are linked to the Vocabulary Banks which help present and practice high-frequency, topic-based vocabulary in class,  give an audio model of each word, and provide a clear reference so students can review and test themselves on their own.
Pronunciation Intermediate students need

• practice in pronouncing sounds and words clearly.

• to be aware of rules and patterns.

• to be able to use phonetic symbols in their dictionary.

• an awareness of word and sentence stress.

Clear, intelliBible pronunciation (not perfection) should be the goal of students at this level. Students who studied with American EnBlish File 1 and 2 will already be familiar with American  English File's unique system of sound pictures, which give clear example words to help identify and produce sounds. American EnBlish File 3 integrates this focus on individual sounds with a  regular focus on word and sentence stress where students are encouraged to copy the rhythm of English. Pronunciation is also integrated into Grammar and Vocabulary activities, offering more practice for students, and often preparing students for a speaking activity.

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