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240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know Book 4

240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know Book 4

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Using the Book
Where would we be without words? It’s hard to imagine. Words are a basic building block of communication, and a strong vocabulary is an essential part of reading, writing, and speaking well. The  purpose of this book is to help learners expand the number of words they know and the ways in which they use them. Although 240 vocabulary words are introduced, many more words and  meanings are woven into the book’s 24 lessons.
Learning new words is not just about encountering them; it’s about using, exploring, and thinking about them. So the lessons in this book are organized around different aspects and attributes of  words—related meanings, how words are formed, where words come from, coined words, homophones, homographs, word parts, clips, blends, and much more. The lessons provide an  opportunity for students to try out words and to reflect and have fun with them.


• You’ll find a complete alphabetized list of all the lesson words on page 78.

• As you introduce the lessons,have the following items available: beginning dictionaries and thesauruses, and writing notebooks or journals in which students can record words and use them in  sentences.

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