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English Fluency for advanced English Speaker(Whitney Nelson)

English Fluency for advanced English Speaker(Whitney Nelson)

Product Summery

Congratulations! You’re already an advanced student of the English language. Before you take another step in your journey of learning,though, you need to pause a moment and celebrate your success thus far.
English is no easy language to learn. It’s filled with idioms that make no literal sense and colloquialisms that you may only hear once in a blue moon (like the phrase I just used). If that weren’t enough, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of exceptions to the established  rules of grammar – especially when it comes to turning single nouns into plural nouns. The plural of alumnus is alumni, but the plural of campus is campuses. And there’s really no rule you can memorize to know that except to memorize them initially. After you speak it for  a while, then you get to know almost intuitively.
But you already know the challenges that face you. I’m sure you’ve already been swamped with many of these puzzling contradictions already. Despite all those obstacles, though, you’ve progressed this far, successfully encountering every twist and turn the language has thrown at you.
But, you’ve encountered a problem you just can’t seem to solve.

You’ve reached a plateau in your fluency. Sure, you can read the language and understand it fairly well when it’s spoken quickly by native speakers. Nothing you do, however, seems to help you to make any more progress. In a phrase: you’re stuck. 
Stop it right there. You hear other students speak the language well.Your first thought is “Why can’t I do that?”
Ahh, but you can. That’s why I’ve written this book. It’s created just for you – the advanced English student who desires to take his/her ability to speak the language to the next level.
Don’t believe me?
What if I told you that armed with seven well-kept secrets you can nearly effortlessly soar to the next level of fluency in your study of English? All the struggling you’ve done, all the doubts you’ve had will fade away once your ability to speak the language you’re so excited  about using improves.
How can I be so sure that that these steps will work? Because not only have I used them, but thousands of others have used these same techniques to improve their skills and crack through that glass ceiling.I started sharing these secrets with interested friends, family  and students. Today, they’re speaking like English was their native tongue.
And you, too, can be among those successful students who discover the joy of conquering a language they once thought impossible to learn.

This Book is Not for Beginners

This book provides you with the key secrets you’ll need to unlock the next level of fluency and open an entire new world of fluency. With this book by your side, you’ll discover that taking your skills to the next level wasn’t nearly as difficult as you originally imagined it to be.

In this book you’ll not only discover the secrets, but you’ll also find the encouragement to continue in your studies. As you read these pages, you’ll feel as if you have your own personal English tutor sitting right next to you, guiding you every step of the way.

 Having been in the same position myself at one time and helping hundreds of others in this identical situation, I have a good idea of what’s running through your mind as we go through these steps.
The content of the book is arranged so that the first chapters have a general wide appeal and will help just about everyone become better at the spoken word. As you read farther in the book each section talks about the language in a bit more success. This doesn’t  mean that you can’t understand Chapter Two without reading Chapter One. Feel free to read these chapters in any order, based on your perceived personal needs.
In the first chapter, we’ll review the five myths about English that are the common obstacles of most students. You’ll undoubtedly recognize at least one of them as an impediment to your learning. Once you know the myth or myths holding you back, it’ll just be a matter of time to change your thinking and continue studying.
The following chapter introduces you to an effective method of creating attainable goals for yourself. Called S.M.A.R.T. goals, you’ll learn how even a minimum of planning can bring a maximum of learning. You’ll want to not waste a single minute implementing them in  your learning schedule. Guaranteed. Not only will this goal-setting technique help you in pursuit of learning to speak the English language, but you can transfer these goal-setting skills to any dream you’d like to manifest.
The third secret to fluency is to immerse yourself in the language.Easier said than done, you say? Most students mistakenly believe that the only way to do that is to travel to meet native speakers. That’s why the chapter is filled tips that’ll have yourself “swimming” in English before you realize it.
None of these guidelines require travel or even walking up to total strangers and starting conversations. In fact, they all involve low-risk situations that will have you speaking English in safe, low-risk situations more often than you ever thought possible.
When you begin reading chapter four’s secret to success, you may shake your head in disbelief, but by the time you’ve finished it you’ll be eager and excited to implement suggestions. That’s because this involves the one step most of us fear most when we’re learning anything, not just the English language. The secret key: it’s perfectly fine to make mistakes. In fact, it’s not only perfectly fine, but it’s nearly mandatory. It’s guaranteed to change your entire way of viewing the learning process.
What does listening have to do with speaking a language? Everything! In the fifth step you’ll not only discover how improving this one habit can improve your fluency by leaps and bounds. The chapter also provides you with techniques to develop your active listening  skills and then translate those into the breakthrough in your speaking of English.But that’s not all, we take listening to new heights with a technique called “extensive listening.” Discover how it can be the key to your breakthrough in propelling you into new English-speaking opportunities.
Then we move on to the next chapter in which you’ll learn about one of the most effective methods of learning any language. Known in academic circles as shadowing, this method is also called parroting by those who use it often. Essentially, you’ll be improving your  fluency the way you learned your native language.
In this technique, you’ll be repeating the sounds of those speaking English word for word almost at the same time the person is speaking.You’ll learn how you can use this technique in a variety of situations.With today’s technology, shadowing is easier than ever before.

Your Journey to Fluency

While this volume is meant to be a student’s guidebook through the English language, it’s really so much more. You’ll find yourself referring to this book again and again in your journey of learning.
Are you prepared to climb to new levels of fluency nearly effortlessly? It’s time to discover what’s been keeping you on this plateau of learning. It’s time to remove the obstacles in your path and seriously continue on this amazing path of learning you’ve set your sights  on.

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