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Second Grade SAT Math Dailies

Second Grade SAT Math Dailies

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The SAT-10 Dailies is an instructional tool developed to help teachers reinforce instruction on basic mathematics concepts taught to students in first grade, using items that also reflect the  content and process clusters measured by the Stanford Achievement Test-10. The daily practice provides opportunities for both multiple-choice and student constructed responses during the  school year leading up to the week of testing.
The SAT-10 Dailies consist of a set of day-by-day questions to be used as practice during each quarter of the year. Each week includes five days of mathematics problems, with three items  daily,for a total of 15 items per week. The SAT-10 Dailies affords added practice and reinforcement of concepts that are being taught and concepts that are revisited. 
The SAT-10 Dailies are intended to serve as supplemental material, not to replace any part of the grade-level curriculum. Teachers should take notice of student responses as information to  support instructional planning in preparation for the SAT-10. The Dailies are practice, and not to be used to assign an achievement score.

 Dailies should be used each day of the week, only one practice sheet per day.

 Dailies are recommended to be used during the transition time into the mathematics instructional block; preferably during the first five minutes of class. During such time, students answer the  questions in 3 minutes or less and the teacher briefly reviews responses.

 Teachers reserve the right to not use the day’s Dailies but should follow the sequence of the packet, not moving to weeks in advance.

 Effort grades may be assigned. Teachers should not assign a grade to Dailies since they do not represent the students’ understanding of the concept(s) of the day’s lesson.

Answer Key

 One (1) page per week

 One (1) box per day. Each box contains the answer to each of the three questions.

 Each box provides the corresponding page number of the SAT-10 Dailies activities.

 This document cannot be reproduced without express written permission from Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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