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Games magazine junior kids' big book of games

Games magazine junior kids' big book of games

Product Summery

GAMES magazine was started in 1977 and has been puzzling people ever since.Maybe you've seen it in a friend's or relative's house. If so, you're not alone: A lot of young people have seen it —and liked it. When the editors of GAMES heard that there were a great many kids out there who wanted a magazine of their own that was just like GAMES, we listened.
In July 1987, we tested GAMES Junior as a 16-page insert within GAMES Special Edition. The response was enthusiastic, and in October 1988 we launched GAMES Junior as a regular  publication. We've been publishing it for two years now, and already it has become a favorite recreation at home and in the classroom.
Like GAMES, the primary goal of GAMES Junior is to provide entertainment by supplying innovative verbal, visual, and logic puzzles. We create games that we hope will challenge, amuse, and  occasionally stump our readers. As an added attraction that parents and teachers like (but which you're not supposed to know), the puzzles in the magazine may enhance problem-solving abilities and improve language skills.
This book includes all of the puzzle types that you will find in GAMES Junior magazine, organized by chapter. There are connect-the-dots, what's-wrong-with-this-picture? puzzles, crosswords,  riddle searches, mini mysteries in Detective's Notebook, magic tricks, games, and quizzes. The final chapter,Big Bad Toughies, contains challenging puzzles from all of the categories. The last  puzzle, Seven Up!, was designed especially for this book. It consists of seven mini puzzles, which all need to be solved in order to find the answer to the overall puzzle.

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