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Spanish A Complete Course for Beginners Book

Spanish A Complete Course for Beginners Book

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This is a functional course intended for those with no previous knowledge of Spanish. It aims to teach you how to communicate, to use the language for a given purpose, and in a practical way.  The language in the book reflects the kind of Spanish used by native speakers in oral or written communication, and as far as possible the language forms in each Unit are those used  throughout the Spanish-speaking world. In those instances where a standard form does not exist, I have given the word or expression normally used in Spain, and have referred to the Latin- American equivalent in the commentary following each dialogue.
Each Unit of the course aims to teach particular uses of language in a given situation. In Unit 1, for instance, you will learn how to give basic information about yourself and other people. After  completing this lesson, you will be able to give your name, surname, nationality and occupation, and to ask for and give similar information about others. Later Units of the course will expand on  the same function -Unit 13, for example, teaches you to give further information about yourself: your date and place of birth, your educational background and work experience.
This course covers a large number of other language functions which are present in everyday situations. Thus you will learn how to describe people, places and objects, how to talk about future  plans and past events, how to apologise, make suggestions, give opinions,etc. Each Unit begins with a summary of the particular language uses included, each one of which is linked to the theme  of the Unit. The topics you will learn to handle include work, travelling, food, shopping, accommodation, entertainment, health, etc., each in an appropriate setting, such as an office, a travel  agency, a restaurant, a shop, a hotel, a party, a doctor's surgery, etc. You will ñnd a brief explanation of theme, setting and the relationship between the speakers at the beginning of each dialogue.
It is important that at each step in the course you should bear in mind the type of situation in which the language is being used. If you are aware of the purpose, theme, context, and relationship  between speakers which forms the basis of every dialogue, you will be able to transfer the language you have learned to other similar situations.

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