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Deutsch Uben E-Mails,Briefe & Co(Hueber)

Deutsch Uben E-Mails,Briefe & Co(Hueber)

Product Summery

Dear German Learners,

What salutation should you use at the beginning of a letter and what closing phrase should you use at the end? How do you write invitations, congratulations, or cancellations, job applications, complaints...?

Deutsch üben E-Mails, Briefe & Co offers practical answers to these and other questions about correspondence if you are learning German and have a solid basic knowledge, or if German is your native language and you want to expand your knowledge of written correspondence in business and private contexts.

In Deutsch üben E-Mails, Briefe & Co you will find:

an ABC of correspondence,

tips on the most important DIN rules and text modules,

a practically oriented section for private and business correspondence with many sample texts and practical tips,

numerous exercises and writing tasks for practicing the most important text forms,

an appendix with spelling rules, important abbreviations, and guidelines for writing numbers,

a solution section with sample solutions to the writing tasks.

We wish you much joy and success with Deutsch üben E-Mails, Briefe & Co.

The Authors and Publisher

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