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Collins Easy Learning Spanish Words Book

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Words Book

Product Summery

How to use this book
Collins Easy Learning Spanish Words is designed for both young and adult learners. Whether you are starting to learn Spanish for the first time, revising for school exams or simply want to  brush up on your Spanish, Collins Easy Learning Spanish Words offers you the information you require in a clear and accessible format. 
This book is divided into 50 topics, arranged in alphabetical order. This thematic approach enables you to learn related words and phrases together, so that you can become confident in using  particular vocabulary in context.
Vocabulary within each topic is divided into nouns and useful phrases which are aimed at helping you to express yourself in idiomatic Spanish. Vocabulary within each topic is graded to help  you prioritize your learning. Essential words include the basic words you will need to be able to communicate effectively, important words help expand your knowledge, and useful words provide  additional vocabulary which will enable you to express yourself more fully.
Nouns are grouped by gender: masculine (“el”) nouns are given on the left-hand page, and feminine (“la”) nouns on the right-hand page, enabling you to memorize words according to their  gender. In addition, all feminine forms of adjectives are shown, as are irregular plurals.
At the end of the book you will find a list of supplementary vocabulary, grouped according to part of speech – adjective, verb, noun and so on. This is vocabulary which you will come across in  many everyday situations.
Finally, there is an English index which lists all the essential and important nouns given under the topic headings for quick reference.
Collins Easy Learning Spanish Words helps you to consolidate your language learning.Together with the other titles in the Easy Learning range you can be sure that you have all the help you need  when learning Spanish at your fingertips.

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