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Collins Easy Learning Spanish Verbs Book

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Verbs Book

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The Easy Learning Spanish Verbs is designed for both young and adult learners. Whether you are starting to learn Spanish for the very first time, brushing up your language skills or revising for exams, the Easy Learning Spanish Verbs and its companion volume, the Easy Learning Spanish Grammar, are here to help.
Newcomers can sometimes struggle with the technical terms they come across when they start to explore the grammar of a new language. The Easy Learning Spanish Verbs contains a glossary which explains verb grammar terms using simple language and cutting out jargon. 
The text is divided into sections to help you become condent in using and understanding Spanish verbs. The rst section looks at verb formation. Written in clear language, with numerous  examples in real Spanish, this section helps you to understand the rules which are used to form verb tenses. The next section of text looks at certain common prepositions which are used with a number of verbs. Each combination of verb plus preposition is shown with a simple example of real Spanish to show exactly how it is used.
The Verb Tables contain 120 important Spanish verbs (both regular and irregular) which are given in full for various tenses. Examples show how to use these verbs in your own work. If you are  unsure how a verb goes in Spanish, you can look up the Verb Index at the back of the book to nd either the conjugation of the verb itself, or a cross-reference to a model verb, which will show  you the patterns that the verb follows.

The Easy Learning Spanish Grammar takes you a step further in your language learning. It supplements the information given in the Easy Learning Spanish Verbs by offering even more guidance  on the usage and meaning of verbs, as well as looking at the most important aspects of Spanish grammar. Together, or individually, the Easy Learning titles offer you all the help you need when  learning Spanish.

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