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somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

– Vera Nazarian

Books are a uniquely portable magic

– Stephen King

The Grammar Lab Teachers Book

The Grammar Lab Teachers Book

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The student's book
Who is this series for?
Anybody who feels the need to supplement the grammar taught in coursebooks with either additional grammar examples and  explanations,or exercises, or both. The books are flexible enough to serve a dual Purpose as class books and as books to use at  home.
Character page
Turn to the front of the first student's book and you will see tfre five main characters. It might be a good idea to show this to your students before you start using the book. Each character is accompanied by a brief description' Ruff,Tumble, Splodge, Mabel and Mildred all live in a town called Wibble. Wibble is a tremendous place. It has a sweet factory, a castle, a school and lots  of shops - even a Mud Pie Caf6! If you'd like to see a picture of the town, turn to page 62 of the student's book.
For those of you who have not had the good fortune to meet a splodge before there are one or two things that are handy to know Splodges are incapable of looking after themselves. They're innocent. r,rrlnerable creatures who need constant attention from their elders and betters. A splodge left to his own devices will invariably get into trouble and make a mess of things.  Splodges just
can't help it. They mean well, but they're pretty hopeless really.Splodge This particular Splodge is no exception. He relies entirely on Ruff and Tumble: for food, for shelter, for love, for pocket  money, for education. He looks up to them, aspires to being just like them one day. Splodge is an intelligent little fellow,keen to learn new things, meet new people, and yet more than likely to  'forget' his homework.He has a natural curiosity which spurs him on to experiment with everything that crosses his path - everything from Strawberry Snow to the problem of the past simple. He  doesn't know what an adjective is, he's never met an adverb and he thinks the plural of 'dog' is 'dog, dog', but he doesn't allow such things to hold him back.He learns and moves on to the next  challenge.
The mud pie is just one of Splodge's great passions. Mud pies are edible, of course, and usually washed down with a large glass of Fizzy Ink. These slightly unconventional items of vocabulary  are ones which you may like to teach your students at an early stage in the course.

There's a picture of Splodge preparing to make a mud pie on page 120, and a Fizzy Ink-making party on page 124. One last word about Splodge: he's mischievous. He puts glue in people's  shoes,and worms in their beds. Nice worms. And,perhaps best of all, he GETS AWAYwith it!