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The English Grammar Workbook

The English Grammar Workbook

Product Summery

Grammar is the base of the language, without the knowledge of words, spellings, and their pronunciations. Besides gaining expertise in English,grammar can help in many other ways. The  theorists and practitioners have felt that its significance in language learning cannot be mitigated, it is seen but a set of arbitrary rules and an exercise in naming parts of a sentence; it is not  something that can easily be done away with. This Workbook has nevertheless brought to the fore the necessity of grammar teaching and its significance in language learning and enhancement. That grammar has a positive and real effect on all four skills of language learning is being gradually recognized. Although the benefits of Ruthna Garnier grammar on  teaching and improving writing skills have been better accepted, its impact on reading,listening, and speaking is also now being seen to be prominent. Enhanced communication skills call for a high degree of grammatical competence. 
Communicative proficiency involves knowledge and application of grammar and the use of the appropriate vocabulary of the language to convey meanings in a socially acceptable way. This is  also the reason why grammar is considered imperative and has found its way into language labs. Grammar is the basis of the English language, instruction, and structured learning are  important. With this grammatical workbook, the student will learn how to operate at the sentence level and studies the governance of the syntax or word orders that are the rule of the game in  the language. Yet it cannot be denied that if one hopes to acquire and use the English language accurately and fluently, grammar learning is necessary. The three dimensions of grammar: form,  meaning, and use that tutored grammar learning brings to the learner’s attention enable him/her to progress in their language competencies. Their risk of hitting a learning plateau is largely  reduced thus, in comparison to those who went through an untutored language learning process.

English Grammar