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2300 Dutch Word Exercises Innovative Word Games to Impro

2300 Dutch Word Exercises Innovative Word Games to Impro

Product Summery

One of the world’s most fascinating and interesting languages, Dutch is spoken by substantially large populations in four different continents. The history of the language is long and glorious, and hundreds of thousands of people study Dutch every day, either at intermediate or advanced levels.
This book provides the ultimate vocabulary and intelligence challenge for all learners of Dutch and Dutch enthusiasts worldwide.
There are many apps and games that help us learn languages in a fun and exciting way.
From the gamification inherent in apps like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone, to more traditional approaches in brick and mortar language classes, language learning has always seen a variety of  pedagogical approaches.
This book offers an interesting - and successful - new take on the age-old problem of building up one's vocabulary in a new language quickly and at minimal cost.

Learning Dutch has many aspects: it is important to learn basic grammar and sentence structure. It is also very important to have a large bank of words to draw from, so that you can  understand all the important parts of a conversation, and also so that you can read a book or watch a movie and follow most of what's going on without needing to use a dictionary or rely too  heavily on the subtitles.
Within this book, you will learn hundreds of new Dutch words through the medium of multiple fun and engaging word game formats. 
The book can be read in two ways: it can either be approached as a serious puzzle book by people who are 3-12 months into a Dutch course, and are looking to take their vocabulary size to the next level, in a way that is more interesting and entertaining than the tried and tested method of going through a dictionary and memorizing word after word.
It can also be used by people who are just starting off on their Dutch journey. I have provided the meanings, in English, of every Dutch word featured in this book; this will help any reader go  through the answers and learn the words, before going back to the questions after a while, and trying to guess those words in a different order.

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