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25 Wacky  Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary

25 Wacky Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary

Product Summery

While most students have an innate fondness for learning and appreciating new words, this affinity often suffers when they are confronted with long, dry lists of isolated vocabulary words. 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary aims to remedy this unfortunate situation by putting vocabulary words into stories that are fun, friendly, and hilariously humorous.
In this book, your students will meet such characters as Bill Klepper, the prefix-buying billionaire, Aunt Aggie, who owns Aunt Aggie's Word Farm, The Four Vocabularians, Vocabulary Super-Heroes, and Buck Bickley, a world-class braggart and inventor of the famous Word Machine. They will also learn to associate learning new words as an opportunity for fun rather than an exercise in drudgery.
Special attention in the book is placed on the construction of words from simpler components. Prefixes and suffixes are attached to root words not only to show students how words are derived, but also to give students a strategy of how to break down unfamiliar words that they come across: look at the prefixes and suffixes, find the root, compare it to other roots, and so on. A handy Planning Chart is provided on page 6 to help organize word skills. Answers to the exercises are also given on pages 61-64.
Using The Book
The book is organized into four sections: Prefixes, Suffixes, Affixes (both prefixes and suffixes), and a Build Your Vocabulary section. Teachers who are especially interested in exposing students to word break-down strategies should complete the first three sections of the book first. Teachers who are less concerned with strategy may pick and choose lessons from any part of the book.
If you and your students don't get a chuckle out of these stories, the author, at no additional cost, will dip into his own personal collection of laughs, giggles, and chortles and supply you with a genuine chuckle that you are free to keep. Now there's an offer you can't refuse!

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