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Product Summery

JollyPhonics Workbook 2
The Jolly Phonics Workbooks teach progressively, with more to learn in each Workbook. Progress can be assessed on the skills checklist below.
Recognizes the second group of sounds c, k, e, h, r, m, d.
Can blend simple words made up from the
sounds learnt so far.
Saying the sounds, and making the word is the next stage
after recognizing the sounds.
Knows that when you see 'ck' in a word (as in duck), you only say the 'c' sound once.
The child should sound it out as d-u-ek (not d-u-e-k). This also applies to other doubled consonants in words such as bell, rabbit, carrot, and dress.
Holds pencil correctly.
Ensure the pencil is held between the
thumb and first two fingers, as shown
Can write the second group of sounds c k, e, h, r, m, d.
Can hear the end sound of a word.
For example, that red ends with a d sound. End sounds are
more difficult to hear than beginning sounds.