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Discover Prekindergarten (Thinking Kids  Carson-Dellosa Publishing [Kids etc.)

Discover Prekindergarten (Thinking Kids Carson-Dellosa Publishing [Kids etc.)

Product Summery


Welcome to Discover Prekindergarten! This book contains everything you and your child need for a creative approach to math and language arts practice. It gives you the tools to help fi ll knowledge gaps and build foundations that will prepare your child for higher-level math and language arts. Your child will learn to think about, know, apply, and reason with math and language arts concepts.

Discover Prekindergarten is organized into seven sections based on the skills covered. Each activity offers a fun and active approach to essential prekindergarten math and language arts skills. Creative and open-ended lessons build a concrete example of math and language arts concepts to help promote understanding.

This book aims to increase critical thinking and problem solving skills with colorful and entertaining activities. Each activity supports early learning standards and encourages children to connect with the essential math and language arts skills they are learning. Activities call for children to draw, use tally marks, pictures, and graphic organizers. The goal is to encourage students to show different ways to answer questions.

Each activity challenges your child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. In Discover Prekindergarten, your child will learn about:

• Numbers, Counting, Addition, and Subtraction

• Patterns • Sorting and Shapes

• Attributes, Location, and Measurement

• Data Analysis and Probability

• Writing Readiness

• Reading Readiness

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