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– Vera Nazarian

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Thinking Kids, First Grade Skills

Thinking Kids, First Grade Skills

Product Summery

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
Welcome to First Grade Skills! Inside this comprehensive resource, you’ll find an abundance of joyful, child-centered learning activities that will guide your child step-by-step as he or she explores these essential skills for school success:
Reading & Writing Skills: Your child will practice handwriting and phonics and identify nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech. He or she will write sentences using correct capitalization and  punctuation.
Your child will improve reading comprehension and write stories,informational reports, and opinions.
Vocabulary Development: Your child will recognize high-frequency words, use context clues, and use prefixes and suffixes as clues to word meanings.
Math Skills: Your child will understand the place value of two-digit numbers and use strategies to add and subtract to 100.
Applying Math Skills: Your child will measure length, tell time, make graphs, and identify two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.
While academics are important, social and emotional skills also play a huge role in school success. Throughout this book, you and your child will find fun activities and practical tips that promote development in these vital areas:

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