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Mindfulness Exercises For Kids (Lilian Forster)

Mindfulness Exercises For Kids (Lilian Forster)

Product Summery


Thank you so much for your purchase of Mindfulness Exercises for Kids: 75 Relaxation Techniques to Help Your Child Feel Better . This book exists to help children become well-versed in  mindfulness. Scientific research has shown that kids exposed to meditation and mental health exercises are more emotionally intelligent than average. Through the activities inside of this book,  children will learn to love and accept themselves while maintaining an affection for the world they occupy.
In 2011 one of the most influential studies sought to determine the usefulness of teaching mindfulness practices to children. This study was one of the largest of its kind, taking place thanks to a collaboration between Mindful Schools (a research group) and the University of California, Davis.Nine hundred thirty-seven children participated in the project, and the results were promising (fig1).
Educators took a course that enabled them to embed mindful practices into the curriculum. Students in the control group were offered a tiny taste of mindfulness through a four-hour instructional lesson. Children who were exposed to the change in their entire syllabus showed significant signs of improvement in areas related to concentration, compassion, and engagement.
Researchers with Mindful Schools are hopeful about the outcome of their study. The more children are immersed in mindful practices,the better their scholastic experience. Mindful Schools is  confident that their courses will continue to foster improvement in academic institutions and even offer online options for teachers.

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