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Spanish Demystified A Self Teaching Guide Book

Spanish Demystified A Self Teaching Guide Book

Product Summery


Welcome to Spanish Demystifi ed. You’ve probably picked up this book because you’re learning Spanish, thinking of learning it, or trying to  reawaken some long dormant Spanish skills. Whatever your motivation, this book will present a clear and useful way to learn and practice  Spanish.
Learning a language can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding tasks you will ever undertake. And this is not propaganda from an  enthusiastic language teacher. My own Spanish learning experience has taken a non-traditional path and came somewhat late in life. Ten years  ago I packed up my things and moved to Spain with little more than hola and gracias under my belt. Since then I have unearthed Central  American Spanish and Andean Spanish, Spanish from the Southern Cone and from the Caribbean. I have worked with Guatemalans, Peruvians, Colombians, Bolivians, and Chileans in their native tongue and I continue to discover new subtleties and variations of one of the  world’s most-spoken languages.

For many, learning a foreign language can be an intimidating undertaking. This book tries to make the task more accessible by starting with the  Spanish you already know—and there’s more than you think. As the Latino population in the United States continues to grow, many of us hear  Spanish every day. Furthermore, Spanish already imbues our own popular culture. Imagine how many sentences you can already make simply by  using the Yo quiero... construction from the Taco Bell commercial! Because so many people in the world speak Spanish (more than 400 million), Spanish language media are ubiquitous, even in non-Spanish-speaking countries. Take advantage of the presence of Spanish-language  television, newspapers,radio, and magazines to put what you learn to use, and to familiarize yourself with Latin cultures. 

As you are learning, it’s important to remember that there is no universal Spanish. Every region has its own slang, its own sayings, its own  vocabulary—even its own verb conjugations. Spanish usage in Spain and the Americas especially can differ signifi cantly. As such, I have done  my best to present what I consider to be a representative Latin American Spanish. You might not learn the local modismos (expressions) but you  should be understood wherever you go. For instance, while you may hear guagua, camioneta, or camión depending on whether you are in Cuba,  Guatemala, or Mexico, the word autobús should get you on a bus in any of these countries. And for those of you learning continental (or Iberian)  Spanish—don’t fret. I have noted the most important differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America. In addition, I have  presented the Spanish vosotros form for all verbs, although you will not be “tested” on it. 
I have tried to infuse Spanish Demystifi ed with my own love for the language and the excitement I feel every time I speak or hear it. I hope this  excitement comes through on the page and motivates you to take what you learn in this book and immerse yourself as much as possible in the  world of Spanish.

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