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Practice Makes Perfect Intermediate Spanish Grammar Book

Practice Makes Perfect Intermediate Spanish Grammar Book

Product Summery


Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate Spanish Grammar is designed to provide a user-friendly way to study and practice Spanish grammar at the intermediate level, especially for the self-taught learner. Users of  this book will continue building their competency to communicate in Spanish.

Each chapter provides an easy way to understand explanations of grammar usage, by comparisons with English grammar when needed and clear examples that illustrate and clarify the grammatical explanations.  The exercises that follow each section provide ample opportunity to practice with clear language and allow the self-learner to practice without having to search for many new words.

This new edition is supported by flash cards for all vocabulary lists through out the book, as well as extensive streaming audio, available through the McGraw Hill Education Language Lab app. The recordings provide  answers to more than 120 exercises in this book. If your device has the capability, your own responses can be recorded to compare against the models provided by native-speakers.
The best way to acquire more knowledge and improve writing and speaking in Spanish is to practice and improve our own knowledge in order to communicate clearly with Spanish speakers.

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