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Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish Grammar Book

Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish Grammar Book

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Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar is designed as a tool for review and advancement in the language for the advanced beginner and intermediate learner of Spanish. In each unit, clear grammar  explanations include comparisons with English grammar followed by practical examples and exercises that provide ample practice of the material and appropriate, useful vocabulary. Instructions for the exercises  are typically in Spanish to prepare the learner to anticipate the task that follows while practicing vocabulary in context. The variety of exercises suits different learning styles and includes open-ended exercises to  encourage the learner to produce creative answers and increase confidence in using Spanish for daily communication.
Each unit can be studied independently to suit individual needs in a specific area and to provide opportunities to learn and review Spanish grammar for those who need additional practice at the high school or  college level or for those wishing to continue to learn Spanish.

Learning another language requires dedication, time, and, ultimately, frequent practice. Using what the students already know, making connections with their first language, and building on that base strengthen the  foundation on which to advance their learning. For this reason, the vocabulary selected includes numerous cognates of English words, giving the advanced beginner and intermediate learners ample opportunities to  reinforce what they already know while advancing their knowledge of Spanish.

New vocabulary is incorporated within the exercises or is highlighted in boxes. The glossaries include words appropriate to this level of learner and make it easy to quickly review or learn new vocabulary. Finally, the  Verb tables serve as a quick grammar reference.
This Premium Third Edition is enhanced with digital resources via app and online: audio recordings of the Answer key, flash cards of all vocabulary lists in the book, and an auto-fill glossary for quick reference.

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