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Practice Makes Perfect Advanced Spanish Grammar Book

Practice Makes Perfect Advanced Spanish Grammar Book

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This book provides the necessary tools to make your speech and writing in Spanish much more Spanish. It deals with topics that often cause trouble to foreign students, especially to English-speaking ones: topics  like the correct use of object pronouns, when to leave out subject pronouns, how to generate sentences that indicate proposal, suggestion, reproach, and so on. The book also deals with the creation of impersonal  sentences, passive constructions, and reported speech. Its units on adjectives and adverbs, as well as other items covered, will help English-speaking students avoid common mistakes. The thorough explanations on  relative pronouns and conjunctions will enable you to create longer and much more interesting sentences. The book also offers a varied selection of idioms that will make your speech sound absolutely Spanish.  Finally, new to this second edition, is a chapter that reviews the entire book; as an addition test, the instructions for each exercise are presented entirely in Spanish.
In each unit you will find thorough explanations of the grammar at hand, including numerous examples that illustrate and clarify each point. Along the way, boxed inserts provide further information and offer tips or  guidance on usage. At the end of each unit are several, varied practice exercises that will give you a comprehensive grasp of everything that has been covered in the unit. The answer key even includes extra  explanations for the trickier questions. You can either work through the book from beginning to end or dip in and out of particular chapters of interest. By the time you have gone through the book, your Spanish will be  much closer to a native speaker’s.

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