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Learn French Verbs Vocabulary Book

Learn French Verbs Vocabulary Book

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Learning the French language in a short time can be achieved with a little cheating. Having lived in France for over thirty-five years, what became obvious at the beginning of learning the language was that there are  ways to get around all the complexity of the language by simply learning three verbs. These three verbs help you to be able to say something in present tense, past tense and future tense, without having to worry  about all the intricacies of grammar. That will come later, though if you follow me on a journey through learning these, you will see that you can use them in any given circumstances and make yourself understood.

Add a wealth of words to your language ability and you suddenly find yourself able to converse with people and that’s where you really start to pick up extra phrases and the nuances of the language. This first step  toward speaking French will help you to quickly grasp that the French are willing to help you if you make that first effort to speak their language and too many visitors don’t. Even as a worker in France, working for a  foreign company, having the basics of the language helps considerably. 
This book takes readers through the learning stages, showing them examples of how to distinguish the right p to use and then explains how that verb is used within the sentence structure. There are also vocabulary  enhancing chapters as well as explaining the nuances of possessive pronouns and how these work.
With the basics that you learn from this book, you will be able to speak French and the book also takes into account that your accent may not be that special. In all sections, there is a phonetic explanation of how it  should be pronounced, putting you ahead of others who are walking around with language books that don’t give them this advantage.

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