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First Thousand Words in French

First Thousand Words in French

Product Summery

About this book
This book is for everyone who is starting to learn French. By looking at the small, labeled pictures, it will be easy to learn the words. You can also look at the large central picture and try to recall words for things. This  helps to make the words stick in your mind, and it is also lots of fun. Seeing things in a scene will also help you to remember them.

Masculine and feminine words
When you look at French words for things such as "table" or "man", you will see that they have le, la or T in front of them.
This is because all French words for things and people are
either masculine or feminine. Le is the word for "the" in front of a masculine word, la is "the" in front of a feminine word, and
you use \' in front of words that begin with "a", "e", "\" , "o" or "u" . In front of words that are plural (more than one, such as
"tables" or "men"), the French word for "the" is les. All the labels in this book show words for things with le, la, r or les. Always learn them with this little word.

Looking at French words

A few French words have accents. These are signs that are
written over or under some letters. Usually they are over the
letter "e" , and they change the way you say the letter. Saying French >vords
The best way to learn how to say French words is to listen to a
French speaker and repeat what you hear. To help you, though, in the word list at the back of the book, you will find an easy pronunciation guide for each French word.

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