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Easy French Step By Step Book

Easy French Step By Step Book

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Easy French Step-by-Step will help you learn the basics of French—for speaking, reading, and writing—as quickly and as thoroughly as  possible.Prepared for beginners and advanced beginners, this book teaches French grammar and natural, everyday speech in logical order to  enable you to develop and build on your language skills.
To take full advantage of the grammatical progression of this book, you’ll need to learn each chapter or step—and the sequence within each  chapter—one after another. We advise you not to skip around. Each step you take will lead you to the next. Chapters consist of clear grammar  explanations, numerous reinforcement activities (with a complete Answer Key), vocabulary study, and short practice readings in French. Try to learn every concept before you undertake the next one.
Chapter 1 teaches the basics of French nouns, their articles, and the descriptive adjectives that modify them. Chapters 2 and 3 present the  fundamentals of verb conjugation and verb use in the present tense (to expressdeclarative statements, negation, yes/no questions, and  information questions). We start with the most common French verbs, être (to be) and avoir (to have), and the largest group of verbs (those  with infi nitives ending in -er). Complete model verb conjugations allow you to practice all the forms as you learn their meanings. Chapters 4  through 9 present the rest of the regular and irregular verb system, step-by-step, alongside other topics. Vocabulary was selected based on  frequency and thematic usefulness.The vocabulary lists will help expand your communicative skills and allow you to function in various  settings.

A variety of exercises and activities follow each grammar step and vocabulary list. You may use them to check your understanding and  progress.There is a complete Answer Key in the back of the book, which also includes sample answers to all personalized questions. We  suggest that you also keep a journal or diary, jotting down your own vocabulary lists, questions, and statements so you can practice them  aloud. If you take control of your own learning, you’ll never be bored!
Original, author-written readings are included in every chapter (starting in Chapter 2). They become more challenging in form and content as  the book progresses. Use these Reading Comprehension sections to learn additional vocabulary (a list of new words follows each reading), to  practice reading aloud, and to gain confi dence in reading other materials. Try to answer the follow-up questions in complete sentences.
Easy French Step-by-Step is divided into three parts. The fi rst part gives you the elements of French, using the present tense. You’ll notice  that the word order of English and French is essentially the same. This makes learning in the early stages very quick. The second part  explains the use of object nouns and pronouns, pronominal (or refl exive) verbs, the present participle (equivalent to the English -ing), and the  imperative (or command form). You will fi nd some of these structures different from English in syntax (word or-der). The third part of Easy  French Step-by-Step expands your competence into the past and future tenses, and the conditional and subjunctive moods,with usage   specific to French.
English speakers often say that French is easy enough to read—there are an extraordinary number of cognate (similar) words in the two  languages—but that it is diffi cult to pronounce. French does have several sounds that do not exist in English; you’ll need to learn those. Most  French sounds, however, both consonants and vowels, are quite similar to English. Be sure to use the upcoming Guide to Pronunciation  section for study, review, and reference. Return to it whenever you wish to check something. Practice the sounds and  examples out loud. If possible, try to practice with a native or near-native French speaker. Throughout the book, remember to read all the French examples and activities aloud to help develop your pronunciation.

Once you have some experience with the sounds and the letter combinations, you will see that they are limited and consistent, which, believe  it or not, will make French easy for you to understand and to spell. If you can spell in English, which is notoriously diffi cult, you will be able to  pronounce and spell in French. Supplement your study by listening to French radio and online broadcasts, CDs, movies, videos, and  television programs. With modern media, these opportunities are increasingly easy to come by.

This book was prepared with a logical approach that makes it accessible,whether you are a self-study learner—starting out, reviewing, or  brushing up on your own—or studying in an organized program. With Easy French Step-by-Step, you will see your skills fall quickly into place.  In just a few weeks, you will be communicating, reading, and writing in French.

If you learn the French in this book, you’ll be well on your way to being able to get along in France and Francophone regions such as Belgium, Luxembourg, French Switzerland, countries in North and West Africa, the province of Quebec, Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and  French Polynesia . . . not to mention exploring their rich cultural and artistic heritages. We hope you enjoy learning and using your French  wherever you need it.

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