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101 Conversations In Simple French Book

101 Conversations In Simple French Book

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If you’ve ever tried speaking French with a stranger, chances are it wasn’t easy! You might have felt tongue-tied when you tried to recall words or verb conjugations. You might have struggled to keep up in the  conversation,with French words flying at you at 100mph. Indeed, many students report feeling so overwhelmed with the experience of speaking French in the real world that they struggle to maintain motivation.  The problem lies with the way French is usually taught. Textbooks and language classes break French down into rules and other “nuggets” of information in order to make it easier to learn. But that can leave you  with a bit of a shock when you come to actually speak French out in the real world! “People don’t speak like they do in my textbook!” That’s why I wrote this book.
101 Conversations in Simple French prepares you to speak French in the real world. Unlike the contrived and unnatural dialogues in your textbook, the 101 authentic conversations in this book offer you simple but  authentic spoken French which you can study away from the pressure of face-to-face conversation. The conversations in this book tell the story of six people in a fictional town in Spain. You’ll experience the story  by following the conversations the characters have with one another. Written entirely in spoken French, the conversations give you the authentic experience of reading real French in a format that is convenient and  accessible for a beginner (A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference). 
The extensive, story-based format of the book helps you get used to spoken French in a natural way, with the words and phrases you see gradually emerging in your own spoken French, as you learn them  naturally through your reading. The book is packed with engaging learning material including: short dialogues that you can finish in one sitting, helpful English definitions of difficult words, scene-setting  introductions to each chapter to help you follow along, and a story that will have you gripped until the end. These learning features allow you to learn and absorb new words and phrases, and then activate them so that you can  remember and use them in your own spoken French over time. You’ll never find another way to get so much practice with real, spoken French!
Suitable for beginners and intermediate learners alike, 101 Conversations in Simple French is the perfect complement to any French course, and will give you the ultimate head start for using French confidently in the  real world! Whether you’re new to French and looking for an entertaining challenge, or you have been learning for a while and want to take your speaking to the next level, this book is the biggest step forward you will take in your French this year.
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