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15 Minute French Book

15 Minute French Book

Product Summery

This main part of the book is devoted to 12 themed chapters, broken down into five 15-minute daily lessons, the last of which is a revision lesson. So, in just 12 weeks you will have completed the course. A  concluding reference section contains a menu guide and English-to- French and French-to-English dictionaries.
Warm up and clock
Each day starts with a one-minute warm-up that encourages you to recall vocabulary or phrases you have learned previously. A clock to the right of the heading bar indicates the amount of time you are expected to  spend on each exercise.
Each exercise is numbered and introduced by instructions that explain what to do. In some cases additional information is given about the language point being covered.

Cultural/Conversational tip
These panels provide additional insights into life in France and language usage.
Text styles
Distinctive text styles differentiate French and English, and the pronunciation guide (see right).
In conversation
Illustrated dialogues reflecting how vocabulary and phrases are used in everyday situations appear throughout the book.

How to use the flap
The book’s cover flaps allow you to conceal the French so that you can test whether you have remembered correctly.

Review and repeat
A recap of selected elements of previous lessons helps to reinforce your knowledge.

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