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– Vera Nazarian

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Whose Shoes Would You Choose A Long Vowel Sounds Book with Consonant Digraphs

Whose Shoes Would You Choose A Long Vowel Sounds Book with Consonant Digraphs

Product Summery

Dear Parents and Educators,
As a former adult literacy coach and the father of three children, I know that learning to read isn’t always easy. That’s why I developed Sounds Like Reading®—a series that uses a combination of devices to help  children learn to read. 
This book is the sixth in the Sounds Like Reading® series.It uses rhyme, repetition, illustration, and phonics to introduce young readers to long vowel sounds and consonant digraphs—letter combinations that  come together to create a new sound.
These include combinations such as ch, sh, and th. I’ve chosen to use a broad, inclusive definition of digraphs in this book, so you’ll also see combinations such as kn and wr.
Starting on page 4, you’ll see three rhyming words on each left-hand page. These words are part of the sentence on the facing page. They all feature long vowels and consonant digraphs. As the book progresses, the  sentences become more challenging. These sentences contain a “discovery” word—an extra rhyming word in addition to those that appear on the left.
The final sentence in the book contains two discovery words Children will delight in the increased confidence that finding and decoding these words will bring. They’ll also enjoy looking for the mouse that appears  throughout the book. The mouse asks readers to look for words that sound alike.
The bridge to literacy is one of the most important we will ever cross. It is my hope that the Sounds Like Reading