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Beginning Sounds (Pooh Early Skills Workbooks)

Beginning Sounds (Pooh Early Skills Workbooks)

Product Summery

Dear Parents and Teachers,
What could be more fun than learning with your favourite Disney friends? Disney Learning is a unique educational workbook series that includes essential reading and mathematics skills your child needs. Every lesson is presented with the help of the beloved Disney characters. Below are a few suggestions that will help make this learning time with your child both rewarding and fun.

Create a pleasant, well-lit place to work.

Choose a time when your child is alert and you are relaxed and ready to help.

Encourage your child to complete the activities with a variety of writing instruments, such as colourful pencils, crayons, pens, and markers.

Be certain your child understands the directions. Work together until your child feels comfortable.

Let your child take as much time as needed with each activity.

Proudly display favourite pages in a special place.

Praise your child's efforts... and reward them with a sticker!

On page 30, we have provided a special parent resource guide. We encourage you to refer to it for additional activities. We wish you and your child much success on the road to learning.