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Everyday English Grammar Book 5

Everyday English Grammar Book 5

Product Summery

Everyday English Grammar and Composition is a series of grammar books for classes 1 to 8. This systematically graded series introduces concepts of grammar in a creative and friendly manner. Proficiency in the spoken and written forms of English can be achieved only with the confidence of correctness. Everyday English Grammar and Composition familiarizes learners with the structures and usage to develop accuracy
the use of English.
The features of the series include progressively graded exercises, easy definitions, interesting puzzles and games, picture-based tasks, group activities, review exercises and attractive illustrations.
The exercises in these books are organized in a logical order from the easy to the difficult offering varying levels of challenge to learners of different abilities and skills. The simple, jargon-free language of the instructions will make grammar a likeable subject for children. Puzzles, crosswords and grammar games in these books are based on the concept of knowledge through fun. Vocabulary exercises and basic comprehension tasks make Everyday English Grammar and Composition a varied language-learning package. The books can be used both in the classroom and at home since the learning tasks require minimal supervision.
Each book is complemented by worksheet sets that carry extra exercises for practice. The worksheets help learners perfect their understanding of each concept learned in the corresponding chapters

We are confident that Everyday English Grammar and Composition will become a reliable achers and give students an enjoyable learning experience

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