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Teacher Resource 101 Number Activities

Teacher Resource 101 Number Activities

Product Summery

101 Number Activities is designed as a resource for helping young children learn about numbers. The skill-building activities in this book invite children to explore numbers, number recognition, and counting. Both cooperative and individual learning are encouraged through the hands-on,
developmentally appropriate activities.
101 Number Activities is divided into eight chapters, each one reflecting an early childhood curriculum area. You will find activities to foster children’s social and emotional development, language and literacy skills, and understanding of math concepts. You will also find science activities that  strengthen the children’s observation and reasoning skills, music and movement activities that get everyone involved, and art activities that inspire creativity and cooperation. There are also activities for dramatic play and activities to help children develop their fine and large motor skills.
As you work with the activities in this book, you will find that opportunities for learning about numbers are everywhere. Feel free to take advantage of these opportunities, incorporating your own ideas and encouraging the children to explore the world of numbers and counting around them.  With 101 Number Activities as a resource, you can help make their learning of numbers and counting an adventure of fun and discovery.

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