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English Vocabulary Mega Quiz Book 5001 Solved Examples on Words, Meanings, and Spellings for Test P

English Vocabulary Mega Quiz Book 5001 Solved Examples on Words, Meanings, and Spellings for Test P

Product Summery

If you want to improve or build up your word power and vocabulary in the English language, you have come to the right place. Whether you want to level up your communication skills for business purposes, for a  new job, to help you pick up a new course at school or at university faster, for recreational and entertainment purposes (for example, watching Netflix without subtitles!), or just because you think English is cool, the  thousand exercises in this book will help you get from good to great, quickly! Grammar rules,word patterns, etymology, and word lengths are all available to help you guess the word in each puzzle, and the  difficult levels up slowly for adaptive learning.
Most books that help you prepare for the SAT or the GRE are either compendia or word lists and flashcards, or have multiple choice questions on the lines of those featured in these tests.
Very few books concentrate on fun exercises to build up the skills required to become better, organically, at verbal and vocabulary skills in English. This book fills the gap.
Within this book, you will find multiple fun games and exercises that help you recognize patterns and guess some of the harder words on the tests, and link them to their definitions.
Here are a few key features of the approach used:

1. Gamification: In each part of each exercise, you are given a set of clues about a word, one of which is always linked to its definition. This gamification approach is key to making you come back, Exercise Set  after Exercise Set, to master hundreds of useful new words by the end of the entire book.

2. Pattern recognition: The clues are carefully chosen so that they link to key properties of a word that help you remember it quickly in a test scenario. For example, the first letter of a word, its length, and its  approximate meaning are all patterns that help us create mental shortcuts to quick + intuitive guesses. These are exactly what the word clues are based on, and they will benefit you in skill building, through an  indirect approach - just like working out a group of muscles in the gym gives you muscle gains weeks later!

3. Graded difficulty increase: The pool of words used for this book is carefully curated - you will start off with challenging but commonly used words for the most part, and graduate to more obscure words in a slowly  staged manner. All the while, we will sprinkle in a few words related to those you have mastered in earlier Exercise Sets, so that you are able to build on what you have learnt earlier. By the end of the book,  you will be ready for anything that a real standardized test can throw at you - both in terms of skills and confidence.

4. Unique proprietary format: The format of questions used in this book cannot be found anywhere else - it has been tried and tested with thousands of students, and works every single time. 

Whether you are looking to strengthen your verbal skills in English for a test, or just looking to do this out of interest, this book is for you.

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