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Tracks 1 Activity Book(Steve Marsland Gabriella Lazzeri)

Tracks 1 Activity Book(Steve Marsland Gabriella Lazzeri)

Product Summery


Tracks 1 Action Book is a drawing in and complete asset intended to go with the Tracks 1 Understudy's Book, offering extra practice and support of language abilities for youthful students. With its range of exercises and intelligent activities, this book gives valuable open doors to kids to additionally foster their English language capability.

Jargon Development

The Movement Book incorporates jargon building exercises pointed toward growing youngsters' English jargon. Through activities, for example, coordinating, naming, and picture-word affiliation, youngsters learn new words in setting and develop how they might interpret jargon ideas.

Language Practice

Language practice is coordinated all through the Movement Book to assist youngsters with fostering a strong comprehension of English punctuation rules. From fill-in-the-clear sentences to punctuation games and activities, youngsters work on utilizing language structures accurately and certainly.

Tuning in and Speaking Abilities

The Action Book gives open doors to youngsters to rehearse their tuning in and talking abilities through a scope of exercises. Listening appreciation works out, pretending situations, and match work exercises assist youngsters with further developing their listening perception and oral correspondence capacities.

Understanding Appreciation

Perusing appreciation exercises in the Movement Book assist kids with fostering their understanding abilities and perception capacities. Short sections, stories, and perception questions challenge kids to comprehend and decipher composed texts, encouraging education advancement and decisive reasoning abilities.

Composing Practice

Composing practice is energized through different composing exercises and undertakings in the Movement Book. Kids work on composing letters, words, and sentences, as well as finishing directed composing activities and diary prompts, assisting them with fostering their composing abilities and put themselves out there successfully in English.

Intuitive Learning

Intuitive learning exercises in the Action Book connect with kids through active and multi-tactile encounters. From games and riddles to intuitive whiteboard exercises and computerized assets, youngsters have chances to effectively take part in their getting the hang of, making language learning charming and powerful.


Tracks 1 Movement Book gives a complete and drawing in way to deal with language getting the hang of, supporting kids' English language improvement and encouraging relational abilities. With its emphasis on jargon extension, punctuation work on, tuning in and talking abilities, understanding perception, composing practice, and intelligent realizing, this book offers a balanced language growth opportunity for youthful students.