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Essential Grammar in Use with Answers 4th Edition(Raymond Murphy)

Essential Grammar in Use with Answers 4th Edition(Raymond Murphy)

Product Summery

To the teacher

The most important features of this book are:
O It is a grammar book. It does not deal with other aspects of the language.
O It is for elementary learners. It does not cover areas of grammar which are not normally taught at
elementary level.
O It is a reference book with exercises. It is not a course book and is not organised progressively.
O It is addressed to learners and intended for self-study.

Organisation of the book
There are 115 units in the book, each one focusing on a particular area of grammar. The material is organisedin grammatical categories, such as tenses, questions and articles. Units are not ordered according to difficulty,and should therefore be selected and used in the order ppropriate or the learner(s). The book should not be worked through from beginning to end. The units are listed in the Contents and there is a comprehensiveIndex at the end of the book.Each unit has the same format consisting of two facing pages. TTie grammar point is presented and explainedon the left-hand page and the corresponding exercises are on the right. There are seven Appendices (pages243-251) dealing with active and passive forms, irregular verbs, short forms (contractions), spelling and phrasalverbs. It might be useful for teachers to draw students' ttention to these.

At the back of the book there is a set of Additional exercises (pages 252-270). These exercises provide 'mixed'practice bringing together grammar points from a number of different units (especially those concerning verbforms). There are 35 exercises in this section and there is a full list n page 252.Also at the back of the book there is a Study guide to help students decide which units to study - see page 271.Finally, there is a Key (pages 283-309) for students to check their answers to all the exercises in the book. An edition without the Study guide and Key is available for eachers who would prefer it for their students.

The book is for elementary learners, i.e. learners with very little English, but not for complete beginners. It is intended mainly for elementary students who are beyond the early stagesof a beginners' course. It could also be used by low-intermediate learners whose grammaris weaker than ther aspects of their English or who have problems with particular areas of basic grammar.The explanations are addressed to the elementary learner and are therefore as simple and as short as possible.The vocabulary used in the examples and exercises has also been restricted so that the book can be used at this level. 

Using the book
The book can be used by students working alone (see To the student) or as supplementary course material.In either case the book can serve as an elementary grammar book.When used as course material, the book can be used for immediate consolidation or for later revision or remedial work. It might be used by the whole class or by individual students needing extra help and practice.In some cases it may be desirable to use the left-hand pages (presentation and explanation) in class, but itshould be noted that these have been written for individual study and reference. In ost cases, it wouldprobably be better for teachers to present the grammar point in their preferred way with the exercises being done for homework.The left-hand page is then available for later reference by the student.Some teachers may prefer to keep the book for revision and remedial work. In this case, individual students or groups of students can be directed to the appropriate units for self-study and practice.

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