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Product Summery

I think the bicycle is possibly the perfect combination of simplicity and complexity. To me, it is more than just a vehicle that transforms your muscular energy into motion.The bicycle provides transportation, exercise,  a way to escape,and a way to be together with friends. I view the bicycle itself as a system of numerous levers, bearings, pivots, and parts that require proper care and maintenance. I know that if you don't have a  basic understanding of these parts and how they all work together, fixing your bike can be intimidating, but I also know that gaining that understanding is easier than you think. Knowledge of the mechanics of the  bicycle will change the way you ride. It gives you the confidence to ride longer and farther, the skills to do trail or roadside repairs, and the ability to maintain your bike yourself and get it ready for the next ride. 

Whether you own a single, high-end bike or a fleet of bikes for the family, the third edition of the Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is designed to help you, the home mechanic,keep your equipment in top-notch  condition. This book is a natural for Park Tool Company, where we’ve been designing and manufacturing bicycle tools for professional and home mechanics since 1963. Now, with the Big Blue Book 3, we are giving  you more than five decades of knowledge about bicycle repair in one comprehensive, easy-to-use manual. This latest Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair-3 is updated with information on the newest technologies. The  modern crank and bottom bracket standards and their service are reviewed in this edition. We cover the new and major changes in derailleurs, such as 11-speed systems, and the new electronic shifting systems from  Campagnolo® and Shimano®.Thru-axle hubs are now more popular, so we include them inthis edition. Brake systems are also updated and expanded.You will also find more information on  headsets than in earlier editions. The headset was once a simple system, which has now become complex with many different standards.
You can find specifics for your repair and the relevant page number at the beginning of the book in the detailed Table of Contents. The book is organized by “systems” rather than by type of bike, such as “MTB” or  “Road Bike.” Both mountain bikes and road bikes have crank systems, and both types are covered in the same chapter.
Creating a bicycle repair book is like creating a new bicycle tool. It takes time and effort and the process is never as straightforward as one would hope. I want to thank Eric Hawkins, owner and President of Park  Tool Company, for his continued support and patience as we worked through this new edition of Big Blue. My editor, Bill Gibson, and our Park Tool Graphic Artist, Joel King, were indispensable in this project. I have  also received invaluable help and advice from the technical representatives at Mavic®, Shimano®, Campagnolo®, SRAM®, and FSA® regarding the proper procedures to use when preparing or maintaining  their products. I also want to thank everyone who emailed or called me with feedback. It makes each edition better when we hear from readers..