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Prüfungstraining DaF B2-C1  Übungsbuch

Prüfungstraining DaF B2-C1 Übungsbuch

Product Summery

Dear Exam Candidates,

Dear Lecturers,

The present volume "Test Training TestDaF" is intended for those who want to take or prepare for the TestDaF exam.

For Exam Candidates:

You can work through the book on your own. It allows you to prepare specifically for the four exam sections: Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Written Expression, and Oral Expression. You can solve the tasks and check your answers with the answer key.

For Lecturers:

You can use the test training in courses to prepare participants for the TestDaF exam.

Structure of the Book:

Before each of the four exam sections, there are detailed instructions for that subtest. After an initial practice test, you will learn step-by-step how to solve the tasks. You will find useful tips and exercises for both preparation and the exam situation. You can then continue your training with two more practice tests.

Once you have worked through the strategy training and practice sets, an authorized model test from the TestDaF Institute gives you the opportunity to simulate the exam situation and realistically assess your performance.

Training Materials:

The training materials include two enclosed CDs:

  • CD 1 contains the Listening Comprehension and Oral Expression sections for Practice Tests 1 - 3. For Practice Test 1 in Oral Expression, you will find the complete set of tasks, including preparation and speaking times. For Practice Tests 2 and 3, it provides speaking prompts. The complete Oral Expression section for Practice Tests 2 and 3, including tasks, preparation, and speaking times, can be found online at
  • CD 2 contains all the audio materials for the model test (Listening Comprehension and Oral Expression).

Additional Materials:

The book includes transcripts of the listening texts and the prompts for the Oral Expression tasks, as well as the answers for the Reading and Listening Comprehension tasks and the expected responses for the Written and Oral Expression tasks.

Best Wishes:

The authors and the publisher wish you much success in your preparation and on the exam!